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Postage, handling & insurance will be determined by the order and ship-to location.
If remitting by mail, inquire to us for the amount to be added.
The p/h throughout the Catalog may not reflect the amount for your order.

Sonora, Brunswick, Silvertone, Zonophone, Aeolian, Pathe, etc.

This is a listing of some of the most often needed Stock Motor Parts and Cranks. Please inquire about any part or repair you may require.

We stock many more items than we have listed here.


Price quoted is for spring only, or when purchased with motor rebuild.   When just the spring barrel(s), removed from the mechanism are sent, $29.00 additional per spring is added for us to grease, install, and hook up your new spring(s), ready to be replaced in your motor. (We do not recommend the installation of one new spring to work with old.)

We feature custom-made springs and have been able to supply every special end and odd configuration for all springs requested from us.

All sizes available. Specify Brand, model, dimensions, end types, and center arbor diameter.

For best results, send original spring for proper replacement.

Most $59.00

* Gears and Governors *

Send your broken or worn parts for examination and matching. We supply a variety of new govenor springs, up to 4 thicknesses, 7 lengths and 11 widths. Send sample, or provide width, thickness and length. Govenor springs must be exact and replaced by the set!


Many original, old stock available.Specify Brand, model. Slot, male or female? Length needed  measured from winding shaft to escutcheon, diameter of escutcheon opening, and plating finish.

  $45.00 and up.


Special grade leather. See 'Edison' section for description and price.

* Oils and Spring Grease. . see 'Oils & Lubricants'

7994 CR 10, Box 123
Davenport Center, N.Y. 13751
voice: 607-278-6218
fax: 607-278-6218

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