* Wood Cleaner *

Maintaing quality wood takes time and proper care. Willamsville Wood Cleaner has been developed to clean away soil and residue from wood without harsh abrasives or silicones. Developed for furniture, kitchen cabinets, wood paneling, wood molding, and finished wood products, it is also excellent on leather and other hard surfaces. Non-scratching or marring, Williamsville Wood Cleaner is quick, efficient, environmentally safe, and economical.


Always clean wood before polishing or revitalizing. Only alittle cleaner is required for most cleaning jobs. Holding the can 6" away, spray onto the surface to be cleaned and wipe promptly with a clean cloth. Turn the cloth frequently. If surface does not apperar clean repeat the process. When cleaning wood always wipe with the wood grain. As the cleaner removes waxes and residues, your surface might appear dull when dry. Revitalize and bring back the shine to your wood by applying Williamsvill Touch-Up products. If unsure of the color match, start with Light Touch-Up, then go to medium, and finally to Dark.

WARNING : Contents Under Pressure: Do not puncture or incinerate container. Do not expose to heat or store at temperatures abouve 120'/48'C. Use only in well ventilated areas. Do not expose contents to open flames or sources of high heat. Never spray to open flames or face. Keep out of reach of children. Can irritate skin or eyes. In case of contact flush with water. Consult physician for eye contact after applying first aid. Intentional inhalation or abuse can be fatal. Contains water, surfactants, emulsifiers, cleaning agents, and propellant.