* Electroplating Instructions *

DIRECT CURRENT FOR PLATING - is obtained from new No.6 dry batteries connected in series (3 volts) for general plating work. Three batteries in series (4 1/2 volts) can be used to speed up plating on surgaces larger than 4 square inches, but requires more careful brushing. CONNECT BRUSH TO POSITIVE (+) AND WORK TO NEGATIVE (-), when ready to plate.

HOW TO PLATE- Connect plating current. Dip plating brush in compound, making sure that bristles and under side of anode are well covered with it. Start plating. Use a SHORT CIRCULAR MOTION with anode always pressing bristles lightly against the work. Keep brush in motion whill plating. Dip bush in compound at intervals to renew supply of metal. Plate each square inch or smaller surface at least 30 seconds for light platings and more for heavier coatings. All white metals, except light coatings of nickel, plate on with a dull or foggy finish. Immediately after plating, wash compound off with water or wipe off with a wet cloth, and wipe the plating dry.