Use a small amount of denatured alcohol, (equivalent to volume of this jar: 2 oz.) and start by adding approximately 1/4 teaspoon of powder. Test on wood sample for desired color. Add more powder in very small amounts to darken color. Caution: Too much powder will change color more toward purple. Be sure to mix thoroughly. Strain if necessary.

In order to give the stain more holding powerm add approximately 1/3 volume of shellac - 3lb. or less.

Be sure wood surface is clean. Wipe with alcohol before stain application.

Brushing on stain will result in a darker color than ragging on stain.

Alcohol stains dry very quickly.

The less shellac in the mixture, the faster the stain will dry.

If stain is applied too heavily, use alcohol rag to wipe off.

Proceed with rubbing varnish finsih. Do not use shellac finish, as this will "move" the stain.